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During visiting Katherine II in 1767 the city of Kazan the inhabitants of Old - tatar Sloboda have addressed to imperator with the request to give agreement on construction two stone mosque. Katherine II with own hand has written " the great order " about the sanction and even, according to the legends, herself has specified a place for mosques.
Now Kazan mosque Mardjani (Al-Mardjani) is a monument of architecture and is brought in the catalogue of world architectural meanings

Mardjani mosque is visited by the most of visitors arriving to capital of Tatarstan by all means and also governmental delegations of foreign countries. Obviously, mosque became the visit card of republic of Tatarstan.

The name of the mosque is connected to a name of the great religious reformer, encyclopedist and scientist - historian Shigabetdin Mardjani, who has been imam in this mosque in 1867-1881 years. Near the mosque you can see the house of Mardjani and his medrese (school), where he introduced new religious consciousness in souls of the schoolboys with help of the scientific and realistic understanding of the world and humanity.
From 1995. till now the Association of muslims at mosque is supervised by the imam-muhtasib of Kazan city, member of SMM (Spiritual Management of Muslims) of Republic of Tatarstan - Mansur-hazrat Djalaletdin.

Our country exists in different imperial dynasties and different politics, but Mardjani Mosque hasn't been closed for more than two centuries.
600-700 people have come on usual Friday pray. During Gaids (holiday in Islam) there is no room for all people that come to the Allah house and they have to read namaz outside the mosque.

Now, the government that created favorable conditions for religions and diligence of imam muhtasib of the Kazan city Mansur-hazrat help to build Islamic Cultural Center near the mosque, which will unit around of itself a house for aged, children's house, Islamic library, Islamic medical center, Halyal food shops (permitted food for Muslims), workshops of national crafts, guest house and etc.

Noble Mardjani mosque, as before, is the center of Islamic culture in Russia, building the activity directed on the peace existence of Islam and peace between religious confessions in Tatarstan and neighbor republics


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